Question about compression garments

Donny's Question

I run with skins on and was wondering if this actually gives me any benefit?  Should I just wear running shorts and top?


Lee's Response

Hi Donny,

Skins do give certain benefits to individuals but a lot has to do with your own experimentation and beliefs.
As you know, skins are a compression garment that when you apply compression to a specific part of your body, it helps accelerate blood flow. Better blood flow also helps your body get rid of lactic acid and other wastes which has shown that you can work at a higher rate of efficiency.
There are also benefits that show with better blood flow, this gets more oxygen to your working muscles and this improved oxygenation can reduce the effects of muscle soreness after training or accelerate muscle repair if you are injured.
When I have had slight niggles, I have work compression garments to help increase the blood flow but my main use for them has been when I have been injured or when traveling on planes.
So in short:
• They can aid you during any physical activity but those benefits are individual,
• Aid in recovery after exercise,
• Assist in recovering from injury,
• Great for air travel as they reduce the effects of jet-lag and lower risks of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).
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