Question about running shoes

Edward's Question

Hi I am a Sunday jogger training for a marathon and finding your advice very helpful. I have always ran in Asics which are quite heavy - lately other makers have launched 'barefoot' shoes which are very light in comparison but don't seem to provided the same support.

I have a weak achillies and would welcome your opinion on which are the best shoes to train and actually run the
marathon in?

Lee response

Hi Edward,

I am totally opposed to barefoot running except for the light/occassional run on a grass oval for a change of stimulus. There are a number of shoes on the market as well as many types of Asics shoes and you need to find the right one that offers structure, stability, comfort and weight. You can go to many running stores and trial these shoes and listen to their expert advice but please consider that you will take 45,000 steps in your marathon race and you need to make sure it is done in something that fit and feels right otherwise it will be a very painful experience.


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