Resuming training after a torn calf muscle

Jannene's Question

I just had 4 months off with torn calf. I was advised by my physio to rest --- now I'm ready to come back.

Where do I start and what food do I start eliminating?

Lee's Response

Hi Jannene,

If you have had four months off with a torn calf, the most important thing when starting back is to come back lightly and gradually. Start off with 15 - 20min light jogs and depending on how much fitness you have lost, combine those jogs with some walking (say jog 2mins/ walk 1min for 15 - 20mins, then next day jog 4mins/ walk 1min etc...) Do this not only to get you back into some routine but to also allow the calf to load up with some activity gradually. If you go to hard or fast, then the calf will overload and tear again. Once up to 20mins continuous running, then move out to 30mins for a few days to a week, then 40mins etc... This should take you around a month to 6 weeks and then start back from there with a running program and planning for racing.

Food to eliminate is obviously fatty foods and make sure you are eating plenty of greens, fruits, carbohydrates and sufficient protein/ iron. Drink plenty of fluids too.