Question about pacing on race day

Steve asks

I am doing my first marathon in a month and have been following the Marathon Guru Training Program. I have been training to run it in 3:45.

My question is, should I be trying to stay at my set pace of 5:15 per/km from start to finish, or do you go out a bit stronger (say 4:50) assuming that you will slow down towards the end.

Lee's response

Hi Steve,

Being your first marathon and not knowing what you will go through experience, you are best sticking to either a consistent pace or going out slightly slower to conserve your energy as after 25km it will start to become very tiring. The Sydney marathon is quite hilly in the last 1/3 and you will want to make sure you have not gone out too hard and then BLOWN UP as it will make your first marathon experience horrendous.

So either stick to the prescribed pace and try to hang onto it in the last 1/2 or start out 5 - 10 secs slower for the first few km's and then work into BUT don't start out faster.


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