Question about pacing and pace teams

Tanya asks

I'm running the LA marathon this month and I am aiming to beat my previous marathon time of 3:34:04. I have been following the advanced training plan and running the pace suggested for a 3:30 finish. 
I have signed up for a pace team that is fnishing in 3:35, and would like your advice on what point during the run should I start running ahead of this pace team in order to reach my goal of running the marathon in a time between 3:30 and 3:32?

Lee's response

Hi Tanya,
Thanks for your email on pacing requirements for LA.
I think it is great to sit in on the 3.35 pacing team for at least 25 - 30kms (15 - 18 miles) but ideal to stay there till 30 - 35kms (18 - 21 miles).
The marathon is determined by how well you run/ feel in the first half of the race and the fact you will have someone setting the pace for you means that all you have to do is focus on yourself by feeling good and staying relaxed. Use the group for as long as you can and if you are feeling really really good, then you could start to slightly increase your tempo from as early as 25 - 30kms, BUT if you are feeling just on top of things, try to wait as long as you can before trying to increase your tempo which would be around the 30 - 35km mark.
All the best for LA and stay relaxed.
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