Question about warming up before an event

Wayland's Question
Hi Lee,
I have been using Marathon Guru and it has seem to be working well for me, though I have had to switch some of the sessions around within the week a little.
I am running the half marathon on Sun 18/9 and I just wanted to ask if it is a good idea to do the 5-10 min warmup on the day and then stretching before starting the race or will this just waste my energy?
Is it still worthwhile doing this warmup if I have to “line up” for 15-30 min before the race starts?

Lee's response

Hi Wayland,

The warm-up and stretching before the start of the race will not waste your energy but more have you ready to do the race. The objective of the warm-up is to elevate the heart rate, get the blood flowing through the body and warm up all the limbs that you will use for racing. By not doing an adequate warm-up, you run a greater risk of picking up an injury.
Even though you will be standing on the start line for 15 - 30mins prior, by doing a short jogging warm up and then standing on the start line doing some stretching is a great way to not only kill the time before the race start, but keep you loose and limber before you start of on your journey.
Good Luck,
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