Question about sickness before an event

Kate's Question
Just wondering what your advice/thoughts are in regard to running on Sunday (18th September 2011)? I was in bed all of last week with a serious bout of the flu (in bed for 7 days). My last run was Sunday 4th September. I still feel a bit off but if I were to feel better I'm assuming I will still have residual tiredness and am erring on not running.  Was my illness a bit too close to race day to recover from?

Lee's response

Hi Kate,

Yes, I think that you will find the race on Sunday to be hard work but you can re-evaluate what your goal is.
Having not run since the 4th of September means that you cannot go out and RACE the event, but if you really wanted to participate you could look at doing some running and walking and not be time focussed. Participate to purely finish it and have fun. 
If you feel like that would disappoint you, then I would not do the event at all.
You will have residual tiredness from not only the illness but also from not doing any activity.
I am sorry to hear of your illness and I hope you are feeling better. Maybe a couple of light runs prior to the event will give you a better indication of what you should do on Sunday.
Good Luck,


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