Question about sub four hour marathon goal

Thy asks

I haven't ran a marathon in about a year now. Is it a good idea to set a goal for this year in a time of 4hrs? My best marathon time was 4:27. I would really like to get 4hrs and under, would it be possible?

Lee's response
Hi Thy,
Anything is possible with good goal setting.
1)         Pick a marathon that you want to run and make sure it is a minimum 16 weeks away,
2)         Follow the training program as prescribed,
3)         Get regular massage/ treatment,
4)         Do your EASY runs easy and your sessions harder,
5)         Do your easy runs on soft surfaces such as gravel roads/ grass,
6)         Update your running shoes to limit any niggles/ injuries,
7)         Eat properly, stay hydrated and get adequate rest,
8)         Any uncertainty, email the coach.
By following the above, you give yourself every chance of at least running faster than 4hrs and 27mins but as far as running under 4hrs, that can only be determined on how well you cope with the training.
Good luck.
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