Switching the days of a Marathon Guru program

Lisa asks

Hi Lee,
I recently subscribed to Marathon Guru for the Melbourne Half Marathon. I would like to change my program a little and wondered if this is possible?

I usually swim and do yoga on a Wednesday and would like to continue this. Is it possible to remove the easy run on a Tuesday and replace this with the Wednesday schedule?

I'm also a little confused with the content of the Wednesday schedule. Do I warm up and then do 3-4 stride throughs, then 10mins stretching, then run a 3kms at race pace, then 10 mins jog, and then more stretching to end?

Many thanks,


Lee's response

Hi Lisa,

I think what you have stated here would be perfect and I think yoga Wednesday evening after your quality session on Wednesday will be a great way to compliment the work you are doing and your body will appreciate it.
Swimming on your rest day is great too as it means that even though you are running for 5 days, you are exercising for 6 days which means your running component is not compromised and this again will certainly compliment the training you are doing.