Training in cold weather and accomodating a program around work.

Ben asks

Hi Lee,

The program so far is going really good, I just have a few question that perhaps you can point me in the right direction.

1) Weather: Currently it is starting to get pretty cold and I was just wondering about the best way to train over the next few months.  I usually wear skins (short sleeve top and long legs) and a running jacket (semi water proof) and I've become accustomed to wearing a hat .  When I can, I aim to train mid morning or when there is a bit of sun and no rain, but this is not always possible.  Do you have any advice?

2) Next Few Months: Over the next few weeks / months I will be travelling for work a bit.  Looking ahead at the program I will need to do a bit of juggling to accommodate the program, I might also need to drop a days training here or there.  What is the best day to drop if I can't complete a day (Thursday?) or am I better to try and do something rather than nothing at all?  The other issue is getting distances correct, if I'm unsure and need to do run ie. 7km, should I just run time and give an estimate of distance?

Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful.



Lee's response:

Hi Ben,

The weather is something we cannot escape. I prefer to train around 9.30/10am when the weather is a bit warmer and the sun is out but a lot of the times it is not possible with kids and other things that pop up. I sometimes have to train at 6.30/7am and I wear long tights, long sleeve t-shirt with jacket, beanie and gloves. It is important to rug up as if you are to get sick, it will be in the first 10mins while you are trying to warm up. I find that once warmed up, the extra layers do not affect me.

If you are going to drop any days due to work/ travel, then it is suggested that you drop the "easy" days. The long runs and quality sessions are the most important as far as your preparation goes. If you need swap days around to accommodate for your work/travel, then this is what you need to do:
-    Make sure you enter the training data into the day that WE asked you to do it and NOT the day you actually did it. For eg: if you do Sunday's long run on Saturday make sure you enter the training for that run in on Sunday as we have asked you to do it EVEN though you did it Saturday. If you don't, the system will think you have missed what we prescribed you to do on that day and register them as missed. So any days you swap around, make sure you still stick to what was asked and enter the data into the day we asked you to do it.

Try to do the best job you can do with running times and making estimates of how far they are.