The training program long runs are shorter that what I am used to

Myriame's Question:
Hello there,

I have started the training program with Marathon Guru and have a question regarding the long runs.

The program starts with the long distance run of 10km on Sunday. I have already run a few half marathons (training and race) the past few weeks and am wondering whether going back to 10km for the distance run would  it be a step back? My upcoming event is on 22nd September in Sydney for the marathon. Should I stick to the online program or do you suggest any different?

Thank you


Lee's Response

Hi Myriame,

You are better served to follow the program that we have prescribed. It is certainly not a step back at all for the following reasons:
1)    It allows your body to recover from the training and racing you have previously done.
2)    It allows you to adjust and adapt to our training.
3)    Our marathon program is 16 weeks and officially starts June 2nd. It will be a very long training process so there is no need to panic with how much time you have and how much training you will do.
4)     Through the course of the training from June 2nd, you will increase your mileage volume each week.

Good luck and looking forward to working with you.