Should you stop your watch for drink breaks on long runs?

Carensa asks

Hi Lee

When running the long runs my running partners stop for a drink break and also stop their watch then carry on running.
1. Should the run be continuous with no breaks?
2. Should the time stop be omitted from the run or be included in the time ran?


Lee's response

Hi Carensa,

Thank you for your email and questions.

It is ok to stop for a drink when out on your long run. You just need to make sure that it is purely to stop for a drink, keep the break to a minimum and then continue on.
You can stop your watch. Whenever I go out for my long runs, if I need to stop to go to the toilet or for a drink. I stop my watch and then resume it once I start running again.
I don't think you should include the time that you do stop for in your overall running time.

All the best,