Training over a rest period

Steve's Question

Hi Lee,

Following my last 5km race of the year, I am planning a short 2 week "off season" over the festive period, to let me recover from the intensity of training.  As I feel unable to "let go" of training completely, I was planning on doing a lot of swimming and just a few easy runs.  What level of activity should I maintain over this period?



Lee's Response

Hi Steve,
What you have suggested with swimming and a few easy runs over the 2 week block sounds good. Runs should be anywhere from 30 - 60mins depending on how you feel and NOT hard or fast sessions.
I am a strong advocate for making the most of a break and I usually give my athletes 1 - 2 weeks off with the recommendation that they run 30 - 60mins at least 4 - 5 times a week. I do it so they are doing something but really taking a two week break will not impact too much on your fitness.