Question about weights training

Christian Asked
My goal is to run a marathon in under 3 hours. I think I might have over done it last year by running 4 marathons, so now I am want to get my body ready to do Hobart next year. My question is what weight workout should I be doing now till the marathon program starts and what weight program should I do during the marathon program.
Troopy's response
Hi Christian,

I am not an advocate for weight work unless you have a muscular deficiency that requires additional work to help strengthen it but I am
a believer in core work/ pilates as it is very specific in targeting areas that can assist you in running.

I agree with your assessment that you overdid it last year with running 4 marathons in one year. Your body needs time to absorb all the training that you do leading into your race as well as having enough time after the race to fully recover from the impact and trauma of the event as well as the training you did leading in. Two marathons a year are the norm but it is also feasible to do three as a once off.

If you can continue to just run between now and 16 weeks prior to the Hobart marathon and then follow our program leading in, I think with the specific program tailored for the event, general running between now and then to keep you fit but also time off from racing another a marathon to freshen you up; then you will have every chance of achieving your goal for a sub 3hr marathon.