Knowing when to rest a sore muscle

Dave asks


When do I know if I need to rest a sore muscle, or my body is adjusting and its okay to keep training?
My hip flexor is incredibly sore, but it warms up and is fine while I run.


Lee's response

Hi Dave,

It is such a fine line for newcomers to running to work out with it is just training fatigue versus a potential injury.
To help you, you should invest in a sports massage. The massage will help increase blood flow and break down any troublesome areas. The practitioner through the massage will be able to tell through "feel" whether there is a muscle strain, slight muscle tear or whether you are just tired/ fatigued from the training.
With less than 6 weeks to go it is not worth the risk of trying to push through or guess.
The practitioner that you see will also give you some hip flexor stretches to help free up the tightness/ soreness.
Try to run on soft surfaces to minimise impact and make sure your running shoes have good stability.