Question about massaging quads post run.

Jeanne asks

Hey Lee,
I did my long run on the weekend - 28km, the furthest I have ever run so far, woo! But yesterday and today I have a fair bit of pain in the front of my thighs. I stretched after my run, but is there anything else I should be doing? I was looking at some websites that sell foam rollers/massage sticks, but at the moment I'm thinking that maybe I should try it out with a rolling pin or bottle of wine first. Any tips would be appreciated, thanks!

Lee's response

Hi Jeanne,

Firstly well done on your longest run. Great effort. Having the soreness and tightness in your quads is very common as your legs would not have been used to the constant pounding for such a long time.

There are a number of things you can look at:
1) Massage: Extremely important in helping to flush your legs, improve circulation and recovery.
2) Ice bath: Helps reduce the inflammation and soreness.
3) Foam Rollers/ Massage Sticks: Can assist but are not as effective as 1 and 2. They are more for general tightness.
4) Stretching: The same as 3.

You need to make sure you can recovery quickly and efficiently for your next run. Also a massage helps better with injury prevention than the other suggestions.

Good Luck,