Question about managing and preventing injuries during training

Viviana asks

I've never done a marathon before, I tend to suffer from muscle tightness when I run every so often. With this in mind and on the fact that is only early March, am I too late to start training for September's marathon and manage my injuries?

Lee's response

Hi Viviana,

Thanks for your email. You are certainly well within the time frames for a September marathon as all our programs are 16 weeks.
In regards to muscle tightness, we would have you look at a number of factors to help over come this:

1)    Regular massage,
2)    Extra Physiotherapy/ Chiropractor/ Podiatry work if needed,
3)    Appropriate footwear,
4)    Running on softer surfaces,
5)    Self maintenance such as compression garments and ice baths.

You can certainly manage your injuries provided you are diligent with it and commit for the 16 weeks needed for the training.