Sports drinks and Gels, should I use these during my long runs and easy runs?

Rob's Question:

Hi Lee,
During a race I normally take on Gu chews and Gatorade, or the like, for fuel during a race, but should I be doing the same during my long runs and easy runs. Obviously, these runs are a lot less intense and so I usually take in water every 5k or so but wasn't sure if I should be taking on the fuel and electrolytes as well, and if so, how much? Thanks.
Lee's response:
Hi Rob,
Your easy runs are not as important, but you should definitely be taking what you would use in a race on your long runs. Your body is still tired from the long duration of the run and also the stress of your working and training week so getting in all the necessary electrolytes not only help you do the long run feeling better, but they also help you recover better/ quicker so you can get more out of the weeks training ahead.

You only need 100ml as a minimum and 150 - 200ml would be ideal and take them at every 30mins if you can.

Cheers and good luck.