Should you take supplements as part of training?

Dave Asks

Hi Lee

I am currently training for the Dublin city using your training schedule.
I am aiming for a time of 3hrs 20mins and i just have a few questions that you might be able to help me with.

 1. Should you be taking any supplements while training for the marathon to help with recovery etc e.g protein carbs?
     If so what type and how often?

2. Should you be doing core workout routines?
     If so how often?


Lee's Response

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your email and we are looking forward to helping you achieve your goal time in Dublin.

1)    You can take supplements while you are training. I suggest simple things like a good multi-vitamin, iron and Vitamin C are a good start to help compliment what you should be getting through your healthy eating anyway. There are plenty of recovery drinks that you can look at such as GU and SIS. This is a trial and error process to see what you like and don't like but all this will certainly assist you.

2)    Core workouts such as pilates and gym work can be done and it is best to meet with a trainer to have them look at any deficiencies you have and what work you can do to strengthen those. I have a core program that I do x 2 a week and it certainly does help me when I am in my heavy marathon training blocks.