Question about maintaing race pace on race day based on training runs

Peter's Question

Hi Lee,

I am training for a Half Marathon (84min/age 49, running for a bit over 2 years), you have race pace runs scheduled at 6 & 8ks. I completed the 6k one reasonably comfortably, maintaining a heart of  around 160 for the last 2ks. My questions is, how does this translate in to being able to hold it for 21.1ks. Is it, if I can do it for 6 & 8ks with the right endurance work, I can then hold it, based on the effort it takes to do it for these shorter distances? Or is it going to eventually hurt like hell and hope for a tail wind all the way?

Thanks for your time, great program.



Lee's Response:

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your email.

You are right with your first line of thinking. The tempo based run is to give you confidence that you can at least run the prescribed pace. It would be pointless getting you to do more as then you would be doing your race in your training and the plan is to train to race and not race to train.

The miles that you do help build up your endurance and strength and give you confidence you can complete the distance and your quality sessions are much faster than race pace so you can push beyond the pace that you need to run for your half marathon. They should all work different energy systems and come together on race day. The half marathon and marathon are about efficiency and you can only be as efficient as your fitness and speed lets you. For the record, it will get tough towards the end regardless of how fit or fast you are and that is when you have to be mentally strong to hang in there.