Question about bowel control on race day

"Budding runner" asks

I have a question and I am sure it is one that people always wonder if is appropriate to ask, but I think it's important. What's your suggestions to control bowel movements in a marathon? When I ran the Barcelona Marathon I took an Imodium beforehand and it did help. I didn't take one when I ran In Paris and it was almost disastrous. I think I lost about 15 mins off my time, searching for a bathroom. I know it isn't a nice aspect to ask about, but I really don't want to have one of those stops in Sydney.

Any advice?

Lee's response

Thanks for your email and it is certainly a good question to ask.
I am a big believer of not trying to mess up what is natural. I have a big carbo meal the night before, a light breakfast and make sure I try to get a few bathroom stops in before my race. I usually find a light jog/ warm up gets things moving well.
It is always good to look at a marathon course and see where the toilet stops are but if you manage everything well from the time you wake up till race start, you would be very unlucky to have major issues.
When I am out doing a light jog, I pack some toilet paper in my shorts and look for a bush away from the masses and save having to line up for 30mins at the port-a-loos.