Question about achieving race goals

Tom's Question
Hey coach,

I ran my first marathon last weekend in Melbourne, and absolutely loved it. The bug has well and truly bitten, but now I want to do more, and drop my time. I followed your plan to run a 3:30, but come race day decided I was feeling great and a 3:20 was achievable. Ended up running 3:13:48, but now I want to try and push up towards a sub 3 hour run, perhaps not in my next run, but eventually. How should I go about training for this?

Thanks, owe you a great debt for getting my off the couch and onto the road,


Lee's Response

Hi Tom,

 A massive congratulations on your race. That is a wonderful achievement and you should be really proud of yourself and excited about what the future has in store for you.
The number one thing to do firstly is recover. Give yourself ample time to recover from not only the race but all the training you did in the lead up to the event.
The next thing is to set yourself a new goal. What is the next marathon you would like to do? From here you get dates on how long you have from now till then.
If your marathon is well over 4 - 5 months away, you can still maintain great fitness by continue to train and doing shorter races such as 5km and 10km.
Once you are 16 weeks from your next marathon, it is then time to start the marathon phase/ build up.
If we can be of assistance with your next race whether that be 5km - 10km - 1/2 marathon, marathon, with recovery programs or a resource for any other information pertaining to running, please go to and sign up.
Congratulations mainly goes to you for getting yourself off the couch and motivated to have a real go in the marathon. Well done.