What to wear on race day on a cool morning

Yoko's Question

Thank you very much for Marathon Guru. It really makes training alone easy.

On the race day in winter, do people wear singlet and shorts? The race starts at 6:20 am. It will be freezing but I don't want to cook in thick clothes for the entire length of the race. I'm slow and I will be in the "back of the pack" category so I don't think there will be much space to jog around and stay warm before the start time.  What should I wear?

Any tips will be appreciated.  If you have a ready-made page on this subject, please send a URL.

Thanks very much.

Lee's response

Hi Yoko,

What you wear on race day really comes down to the individual with what they are comfortable with.

Some will wear shorts and singlet, or T-shirt and tights, or a one piece! Clothing comes in different styles, cuts and colours and it really is a personal preference.

What I suggest you do on race day is one of two things to keep you warm on the start line:

1)    Over the top of your race gear, wear an old long sleeve top/ jumper that you would be happy to throw away. Wear it up until the race start and then take it off and throw it on the side of the road. It will be picked up and sometimes events take the clothes to charity so you are contributing in a positive way.

2)    Over the top of your race gear, wear a garbage bag. This will help repel wind and rain and keep you somewhat warm. Once again just before the start of the race, take it off and as you start discard it over the barrier so no-one trips over it!

Good Luck,