Should I have my running style assessed?

Claire's Question

I ran my first half-marathon on Saturday in 1hr 52min. I am now interested in training for the Melborne Marathon in October. Your program looks great but do you think it best if I have someone assess my running style one on one? I have read so much about supinators, over pronators, stride, heel strike etc etc... Honestly I feel a bit overwhelmed. To prepare for the half marathon I just ran and ran and ran! I didn't think about my shoes or my stride or whether I am a supinator or nutrition or tapering or anything! I was absolutely thrilled with my time! But it seems so much more complicated for a full marathon! I rang a running coach yesterday and he basically told me I would need to train for 6 months and he wasn't very encouraging!

Lee's response

Hi Claire,

Congratulations on running and completing your first half marathon, that is awesome.

When I started out running, I never had a coach, no-one looked at my form, never saw a dietician and 30 years later I am still running. I am not convinced that every runner needs to go down that path with seeing every specialist known to man unless they have a major deficiency that warrants it. Provided you had no real injury concerns leading into your half marathon, then we don't need to see a biomechanist. Have you seen the Olympic marathon, over 100 runners all have different running forms, had different training programs and were on different diets. The key is to fine what works for you and not force things onto you that you don't need.

Our programs are 16 weeks with a minimum 8 week requirement that needs to be completed. Based off your time of 1hr 52mins, you would be in the range of running your first marathon right now around 3hrs 55mins - 4hrs but that is not to say that with good training and no injuries/ time out that you won't run faster.

My advice would be to just focus on the training and end result. Any concerns or issues along the way just email me and we will go from there and work it out. Running is not complicated. You put one foot in front of the other and try to get from point A to point B as quick as you can. Others will make it seem complicated but it is not.

Happy to help you Claire should you wish to sign up to Marathon Guru. My advice is ENJOY the experience and don't STRESS over the experience.