Question about tight shoulder muscles on long runs

Stu ask's

Hi Lee,
I was just wondering if you had any advice to deal with tight / painful / sore shoulders when I do my long runs?
I feel really tight and tired in my deltoids and triceps and to a lesser degree my biceps.
I try and relax my shoulders as much as I can but find every now and then I need to drop my shoulders and run with almost straight arms to relieve the tension. This gives me some relief but ruins my rhythm.
Do you have any advice or drills I could do whilst running to try and relax my upper body / neck / shoulders?

Lee's response

Hi Stuart,

Do you swim or have you been doing any laborious work? Is your life stressful at the moment?
The tightness could stem from your neck and back also and I would suggest that you get a massage to help alleviate the tension and tightness that you are experiencing. Our body has a lot of trigger points and if we aggravate one of them it can cause shooting pain to different parts of our body. Some trigger point work on your neck and back may help your upper body settle and relax better.