Adjusting pace according to the temperature during training

Andrew's Question


I am just wondering how much I should adjust my times, particularly for a tempo run. I normally run during the week at lunchtime in Sydney. Most days are over 26 degrees and on weekend I run first thing in the morning. I have noticed I run a lot quicker in the cool than the heat of the day. Just wondering approximate time per km I should allow for the heat?



Lee's response

Hi Andrew,

The heat can be quite draining and it is harder to hit your specific prescribed training times when this is the case. I use the same formula for athletes that are training at altitude where it is harder to hit the specific prescribed training times due to less oxygen of around 4 - 6 secs per km. So over a 10km run you are looking at anywhere from 40 - 60 seconds slower to get the same result as if it was in cooler weather.

Please note our interactive system is not designed to take this into account due to the many varying locations, events and weather differences. Your estimated goal time will change very slightly due to running slower than your prescribed time and only changes significantly should you be running multiples of minutes slower.