Question about dry mouth/throat while training

Karol asks

Hi Lee,

I am training for the Dublin city marathon with the Marathon Guru program. When I am doing the speed repetitions find my self blowing up towards the end of the last reps. Should I steady pace off just to get used to it as I never did speed work before.

Also, I find my throat gets dry while training would coffee cause that?

Cheers Karol

Lee's response

Hi Karol,

Thanks for your email. The reason why you are getting tired towards the end of your sessions is as you say you have never done this type of training before and it is a different type of fitness that takes a fair bit of time to adjust and get used too.
Until you become comfortable with it, you should stick with the pace we have prescribed and as you start to get fitter/ stronger, then you should start to try and run them faster. You will still get tired towards the end but you will not "blow up" as badly as what you are doing now. Whatever you do, don't panic. You can only get faster by trying to do the workouts faster but firstly we need to get you used to this type of training.

Your throat is getting dry due to the effort you are putting into your training. Your lungs are working hard trying to get oxygen into your body that is fighting lactic acid form the intensity of your training. You will find that once you get fitter and stronger, your throat will not get as dry. Make sure also that you are drinking plenty of water pre and post training. Coffee can cause dryness but I think it is more due to your level of fitness and doing this type of training. I have been running for over 30 years and I can still get the odd dry throat when doing a very taxing session.

You're doing a great job. Keep it up.