How do I keep up with my training program while on holidays?

Jacqui asks

Hi Lee,
I am travelling along quite well on your training program at the moment, I think so anyway.
I am going overseas on family holiday to the US and while I am sure I will have a great time, I don't think I'll get much running done :(
I have talked my husband in to a long run in Central Park, New York, as they ride bikes.
We are away from 19th July til 10th August. If I can get a run in every three days what could you suggest? I may have to do most of them in a gym as my husband won't let me run off outside in a strange city.
Anything you can suggest will be greatly appreciated .


Lee's response

Hi Jacqui,

That 22 days will have a significant impact on your training. The first 2 - 4 days will be tough for you off the plane with jet-lag and time zone differences and this is where you will feel most sluggish.
Also, expect that you are going to experience the same thing when you fly back home for 2 - 4 days.
As you are going to be restricted with your training due to travel, I would suggest just trying to get in whatever training you can and don't let it dictate or ruin your family holiday.
Anything from 30 - 60mins will be fine but please note, this will impact on your upcoming race but some training is better than none.


P.S Have a great holiday. New York and running around Central Park is awesome.