Feedback about the training program and race goal

Jeff asks

Thanks Lee,
I just had to let you how much I appreciate your honest feedback and response. It’s so easy to see that you put peoples running and enjoyment of their sport before corporate pay off and that takes integrity, respect my friend. Your stocks are WAY UP with me now! J
I am an avid follower of your newsletter and tips and I am a very hard task master on myself…. I do 1km pace runs and recoveries etc as well as stopping to do push ups and squats and always vary my tracks from the Barwon river, You Yangs National Park, Bells beach coast run to keep it fresh. I do have a busy lifestyle and find that a 5am start and 10km with the dog is just the BEST start to the day I can have! And it works when I travel as well which is often.
Might cut back to eight now and tack the extra k’s onto a mid-week longer run as I did this last year in my training also. Got in the 10km habit after the Melb marathon (3hr 29 PB J) cos I didn’t want to lose any fitness over summer…. And just loving my running at the moment. Will introduce the watch to my mid-week runs and make sure I am not slacking into junk K’s but also ensure my recovery and light sessions are right too.
I know my 3.30 goal for the GOR is optimistic (for the 42km not the 45km, aiming for a 3hr 45 max there) but couldn’t lower my colours after a good Melbourne marathon ;) aiming high but know to listen to my body and enjoy the run… that’s where the fun is.

Lee's response

Hi Jeff,

Thanks again for your email. You will be fine and there is nothing wrong with aiming high. I have done it many times and even though on occasions I did not reach it, it was my motivation for doing what I have done. Why embrace mediocrity? There is the old saying "Shoot for the moon and if you fail, at least you will land amongst the stars". Probably a little to quirky for our early relationship but you get my point. I guess in a more relevant term, I am aiming for a 4th Olympics and that is a high bar and even if I fail this Sunday, for 18 months I have been out the door training hard, being accountable to the task at hand and still doing what I love to do which is push/ challenge myself. If I succeed, I deserve it. You never know what is possible unless you put it out there and have a go!

Keep the variety in your runs and all the ones you have listed, I regularly do them also. For me, variety is a good way from getting stale.

Good luck with all and email me whenever you like.