Question about a realistic race goal

Darren asks

I work offshore on oil rigs, week on week off, and will find it difficult to keep to the program. The only way to run is hit the treadmill. I have set my goal time for the GORM at 4hrs, although I completed the Melbourne ½ in 1hr 39min this will be my first full marathon. Do you think this goal is realistic?


Lee's response

Hi Darren,

Gee, you are doing it the hard way aren't you with working on oil rigs and training for a marathon. If it is any consolation, a runner that I used to coach named Rowan Walker, worked in the Navy and would have to regularly train out at sea. He was super committed and was able to still run 2hrs and 30mins. I was amazed at what he could do.

I am sure you have a great balance with things and obviously at times it is tough, but think of the reward that will come at the GORM after all that you would have gone through.
Off your 1hr 39min half marathon, I think that a 3hr 45min marathon is more achievable. Your 4hr time seems very conservative. The key will be trying to get the longer runs in as this is what will make you stronger and help you over the second half of the race.
Good Luck,