How do you combine training runs with cycling?

Peter's Question

How do you combine training runs with cycling?

On the days that I cycle to and from work I find it difficult to run at a good pace in the evening.



Lee's Response

Hi Peter,
Thanks for your email.
We are a running specific program and even though we support other activities such as cycling and swimming in peoples running programs, we also advice that these are extra bonus sessions on top of your running and not to neglect the necessary running training needed to complete your goal.
We suggest that people cross train on their days off or on easy days but if you substitute an activity for a running session, then that counts as a missed day and you have to complete 60 - 65% of your training program and too many missed days results in your program halting.
In regard to you struggling to find a good pace to run in the evenings after cycling, try not to cycle with a lot of intensity. Just let the legs roll over on the bike and try to save them for your run when you get home.