How do I achieve my sub three hour marathon goal?

Christian asks
I am preparing for the Hobart marathon on Juanuary 8th. I have done it twice 3.03 and 3.06 were my time. My goal is to break the 3 hour mark. Just wondering what sort of training i do now until I begin the marathon at the start of September?
Lee's response
Hi Christian,
Not knowing you complete running back ground, the number one thing is too remain fit. You don't have to be training really hard but as long as you are running 4 - 5 times a week as a minimum, this will keep you in good stead for the marathon.
A good structure to keep you in shape would be:
Sunday: Long run of 90mins
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 40 - 50mins
Wednesday: Session
Thursday: 40 - 50mins
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 40 - 50mins
Just doing this is a good basic structure to do as a minimum to maintain your fitness and have you in shape when you start the marathon block.
If you are someone that already regularly runs then a good basic structure would be:
Sunday: Long run of 90mins - 1hr 45mins
Monday: Day off
Tuesday: Session
Wednesday: 70 - 80mins
Thursday: 40 - 50mins
Friday: Session
Saturday: 40 - 50mins
Remember that it is all about keeping you in good fitness before the real marathon training program starts 16 weeks out from race day.
Good Luck