Tracie Kay

GREATOCEANTracieKayFrom Tracie after the 2013 Great Ocean Rd Marathon..

"Hi Lee and Scott

I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you very much for your running program.

On Sunday I completed the Great Ocean Road Marathon after following your running program and took out first place in the woman's!! It was a complete surprise to me and a testament to your great programming because I certainly wasn't favourite (it was only my second marathon)!!

Your program predicted time for me to finish was almost spot on too! I did the marathon time in 2:58.14 and the 45km in 3:08.44 which was within a few seconds of the prediction.

So, once again, thank you for your help. I am extremely happy to have been able to achieve a marathon win. It certainly wasn't something I had even thought about.

My legs are very sore from the hills but it was so worth the pain!!!!

Tracie Kaye


Congratulations Kay,

Simply a wonderful effort, we are so proud of your performance. Just like all the other athletes acheiving their own goal times (fast or slow) we both get a great deal of satisfaction in playing a small part to great moments in your lives.

That's why we have produced this site.

Enjoy your recovery,

Scott and Lee



Darren McIntyre

Darren McIntyre at work

DarrenMy job is on and oil platform in Bass Strait where I live for one week and then home to my gorgeous family for a week. Working offshore has its benefits but as you could well imagine there are no places to go and run. We have a reasonably well appointed gym with a couple of treadmills and a rowing machine and bikes etc. Last year I competed in the Melbourne half marathon and my training was very hotch potch. I didn’t have any real program to follow and just did what I could at work doing all my speed stuff on the treadmill and then long runs at home. My goal now is to complete the Great Ocean Road full marathon in a time of 3hrs45min based on my time for Melb Half. About 9mths ago my wife was diagnosed with bowel cancer and has just recently finished 6mths of intensive chemo therapy. This brings me to how I am able to motivate myself to train for this gorgeous Wife.
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