Stacey Dolliver Running the Ross Marathon

Ross_Marathon_2011aWhat is your age? (Optional) 31

What is your job? Fitness Centre Manager

What do you do for fun? Socialise with friends, dance,

When did you start running? August 2011

What time are you aiming for with your next event? Will this be your personal best or your debut at the distance? Aiming for 2 and a quarter hours at the Cadbury Half Marathon - debut at this distance

Why do you run? My boyfriend and I started running together after we got back on an overseas holiday.  It is something that we can do together.  The events that we have done so far have been good.

What is favorite training session? Any session that I can do with someone else!

Do you have long-term goal in running? If yes, maybe, you'd like to share?  Mygoal is just to get from point a to point b in the most efficient time, improving my time and technique each time.

What do you think of Marathon Guru? Early days for me yet, but very helpful so far.