Mark Kennedy


What is your age?

51 years

What is your job?

Family Doctor

What do you do for fun?

Run, read, gym workouts and play computer games with the children


When did you start running?

Originally back in University in 1979, then intermittently and occasionally over the years until serious regular running since 2008.


What time are you aiming for with your next event? Will this be your personal best or your debut at the distance?

Aiming to break 4 hours in Hobart marathon in January 2012. I have had 3 tries all just over 4 hours, the fastest at 4:05.


Why do you run?

I enjoy the fresh air and freedom of running along trails or country roads especially early in the morning. I enjoy the sense of achievement that comes from completing a long or hard work out and working towards a goal. I also enjoy the feeling of strength and fitness that comes from regular running.

What is favourite training session?

My favourite training session seems to change from time to time. At the moment it is the hill runs because I can feel myself getting stronger and faster going up the hills and love the fact that rather than dreading the next hill, which has usually been my feeling towards them, I like the opportunity to try to maintain my pace and power up and over the hill.


What is your long-term running goal?

I would love to qualify for and run the Boston Marathon. It means taking 29 minutes off my PB but with Marathon Guru, I am running 30 year PBs and it is looking possible in the next year or two.


What do you think of Marathon Guru?

I love the program. It has transformed my running. The daily feedback provided by updated expected race finishing times has showed me that I have been putting artificial ceilings on my running times and then been training to those ceilings. The speed workouts have helped me run faster than I have for the last 30 years and have encouraged me to dream of Boston.