Kay Widdows


What is your age?

53 years

What is your job?

Office Manager

What do you do for fun?

Run & patchwork and quilting


When did you start running?

About 5 years ago.


What time are you aiming for with your next event? Will this be your personal best or your debut at the distance?

60 mins for 10 kms. Would be a PB if attained


Why do you run?

Pure enjoyment of having the wind in your face and to keep fit

What is favourite training session?


What is your long-term running goal?

To do another half marathon and 10 kms sub 60 mins.

What do you think of Marathon Guru?

Love the programme as it makes you accountable to someone, even if it is just yourself. The variety of run types is excellent as well so you don't get bored.