Angie Putrino and Mozart!

imageWhat is your age? (Optional)
Less than the kms it takes to training for a half marathon lol

What is your job?
Injury Management Advisor

What do you do for fun?
I enjoy spending with my dog Mozart and my boyfriend and having a few drinks with
friends on a hot day (but only when I'm not training for an event)

When did you start running?
2009 when I got over a very bad back injury and haven't looked back

What time are you aiming for with your next event? Will this be your personal best or your debut at the distance?
I'm hoping for a sub 2:10 for the Cadbury half marathon in Hobart on 08/01/2012
Yes I'm hoping for a PB!!!

Why do you run?
I enjoy running as it keeps me fit and helps me de-stressed. No better way to unwind
after a tough day in the office

What is favorite training session?
Rest days!! No just joking I enjoy time trials and speed work as it's a great way to
see how all the hard work has paid off

Do you have long-term goal in running? If yes, maybe, you'd like to share?
Yes I would like to run a few marathons before I'm 50! The following in particular :
New York
Polar Circle
Great Wall of China and ultimately
The Comrades Ultra Marathon in Sth Africa

What do you think of Marathon Guru?
It's great. I love the factor that you get a goal time to aim towards and constant
feedback on how the training is ultimately helping your final goal time each
training session completed

Darren Stone Running in London Marathon


What is your age? (Optional) What is your job? What do you do for fun?

I am 25 year old Futsal Coordinator for Football South Coast in the Illawarra. I also play semi professional soccer for Tarrawanna in the Football South Coast Premier League. When I am not playing soccer or in training for my next marathon I enjoy spending time and having a couple of beers with friends and family.

When did you start running? What time are you aiming for with your next event? Will this be your personal best or your debut at the distance?
I started running in school at cross country events and various athleticmeets but it wasnt until 2009 that I got a spot in the London Marathon and began my training and running on a regular basis. My next running challenge will be the Cabury Marathon in Tasmania on 8th January. I will be aiming to beat my previous personal best of 3:36:07 by running a sub 3:30 marathon in a sonic the hedgehog costume. I will also be attempting to break my 3rd Guinness World Record for fastest marathon dressed as a video game character.

Why do you run?
I run marathons as they are a true challenge.... physically, mentally and emotionally demanding so to complete one is a huge achievement and the feeling of accomplishment is unbeatable. Its also a really good opportunity to do a good deed through fundraising for those who really need our support, like beautiful 6 year maddie and the pancreatitis support network charity, who I will be raising money for this marathon.

What is your favorite training session?
I am loving the repetition sessions especially the 3 x 2km as its done at a higher work rate and I get a feeling of accomplishment afterwards and it breaks up the monotony of the continuous longer runs at a slower pace.

Do you have long-term goal in running? If yes, maybe, you'd like to share?
I have several long term goals in running and the range from completing the rest of the 5 world marathon majors (Berlin, Chicago and Boston) to competing in the insane Marathon Des Sables to hopefully making a successful record attempt at the 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 Continents Record.

What do you think of Marathon Guru?
This is the first time I have used marathon guru and it is a great set up. I have used training programs before but this website is by far the most motivating and the constant movement of the current estimated time gives you a guide to how you are travelling. I am still 7 weeks away from completing the program so I will be interested to see what results will occur using



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