Marathon Guru Pty Ltd is a world leader when it comes to an online training system for runners. What started out as a single marathon program has developed in a full compliment of training and recovery programs for every distance from 1km to the 50km.

You are also not limited to the way in which you can have your program either, you can choose from:

Interactive “Guru Training”

recMarathon Guru is an online training program that provides you with an intuitive training schedule for your running events. We tailor a program for any level and all race distances between 1 and 50km.
It is as close as you get to personal coaching online!

It provides you a pace goal and target time (based on your estimated race time) for every session.

It is a predictive system that estimates your race time based on your training output. The training program adjusts throughout your training cycle according to the response of the athletes ability to cope with the speed/workload of training prescribed.
It also adjusts the program if you miss sessions due to "lack of time" or injury
It links with a knowledge database of Marathon running tips and advice to assist the athlete in their preparation.


The system also alerts athletes as to when new shoes will be required to avoid injury.
Provides a network of specialist to provide personal assistance with diet (for performance or weight loss) shoe selection, running technique analysis and injury recovery.


It is extremely motivating and delivers in all the aspects to make you achieve your goals and enjoy the training journey.


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Static Programs (PDF Downloads)

5kmFor distances of 5km-10km, half Marathon and Marathon we have all these distances available in three levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
They all come with pace charts so you know what pace and distance you need to run at for each training session.

Each of these static programs come with a variety of extras including discounts to products and services offered by our partners.

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