A whole Year of access to Marathon Guru's Interactive Training Program


This world class training program is the most innovative website based training program available online today. It predicts your training race time based on your level and ability to cope with the prescribed training.

injuIt is the most motivating and informative program available...

The complete package includes:

With the Interactive component you have unlimited number of training programs and access to ALL DISTANCES between 3km and 50km with a training program for all LEVELS, and the program intuitively adjusts after each training session making the program unique to you and your current running fitness.

Unfortunately athletes have injuries and Marathon Guru has been designed to re-adjust a training schedule to re-introduce you back into the program so as to minimise the re-occurance of your injury.

This is backed up with personal reply's from our Marathon Guru team (Lee Troop himself) to any running question you have via the "ask the coach".

This subscription also provides you access to Guru Gold, another world first, thereby providing you with virtual access to sports medicine doctors, dieticians, sports scientists and podicatrists to further support your goals.weeks_trainingsilide

You will also get priority notification of Webinars and sometimes the offer of Free or discounted Webinars.


Shoe tracking system so you know how what distance has been added to your shoe after each run. It also send you a reminder when your shoes need to be replaced, thereby preventing injuries.

Access to one of the comprehensive libraries of training information that exhists online.

Weekly email newsletters.

Opportunities to win partners products.


nextDiscounts to Partners products.

Graphs and stats of your training

Race history, Training, injury and session history.

Race time prediction

We are continually developing Marathon Guru and as we do more benefits will come you way without additional cost. We take pride in what this program delivers and have been overwhelmed by the positive response from athletes that have used this program to prepare themselves to prepare for their athletic goals.


We see running is more than just a physical activity, it is a life journey and the training program and resources you gain access to with this membership will motivate you, prepare you for your race goal, educate you about your body and how and why it responds to training, entertain you and track your progress. Whether you are looking to acheive a personal best or step up to a new distance this membership offers you a life changing experience.

The team at Marathon Guru are passionate about running and will provide you all the support you need to acheive your running goals via this membership.

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